Tess Gonnella

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Tess Gonnella started and had a successful career in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry in Northern California holding numerous marketing & sales positions.

Growing up in Sonoma County, California’s beautiful wine county with a large Italian family participating in running her families Italian restaurant, her appreciation of food & wine first developed.

After some big changes in her industry Tess made a choice to take a leap of faith and left her career and life in California and moved to Italy in 2011 to pursue her passion in the food & wine.

“What I have learned in my life thus far is that food & wine bring people together. It brings friends and families together around a table to share a meal; it’s for toasting, celebrating, philosophizing and enjoying.”

Through this, with some unforgettable and life changing memories living in Italy and some years later, Tess found her way back to the United States. She happily returned back to her corporate position working for a large pharmaceutical company, as a result of having found balance in her life’s passions.

During those years, Tess founded Sento Bene wines that was born out of the purpose of bringing people together, in that “mi sento bene” in Italian means “I feel good”…Her wish is that people feel good, by doing good in their own life and in the lives of others.

Her wine label represents “feeling good by doing good”-she is passionate at the core in the belief that humankind is all one. She believes everyone is connected and through her journey she has personally felt inspired to share her experiences and wisdom in hopes that she can inspire others to reach their highest and best for themselves. In 2019 she founded The Global Oneness Project as a continued result of that passion. Her hope is to continue to cultivate the conversation around humankind, connection and oneness.

Tess lives in Manhattan, NY where she continues to pursue her passions that include speaking, traveling, writing, food & wine, philanthropic work, art, and spirituality/oneness.