Samim Syed




Samim Syed is an experienced Financial Advisor for Northwestern Mutual, with over 13 years in financial services across the United States, UK and the Middle East.

He started his career as an equity broker in London, United Kingdom. Working for a US company advising clients on Commodities, Equities and FX, Samim quickly gained an understanding of the International financial markets, eventually becoming a Derivatives Trader - advising clients on more technical undertakings.

After a successful career in London, Samim moved to Dubai, UAE in 2012. His day-to-day role involved helping his clients achieve their financial goals through all areas all wealth management, particularly: Retirement Planning, Insurance, Investments and Estate Planning. As a Senior Wealth Manager, Samim was responsible for a team of Advisors and managed millions in assets.

In recognition of his work ethic and client care in Dubai, Samim was approached for a position in New York, USA. Since his financial career started with trading the US market, Samim always had a desire to work in the US and accepted the offer with open arms.

For over 13 years, Samim has been making a financial difference in his clients’ lives, and he realized the perfect fit to continue achieving that purpose with Northwestern Mutual. Samim wants to help families struggling with securing the future they desire. As a Financial Advisor, he expects to make a deep impact on his local community and networks, applying his combined knowledge of helping clients from all around the world.

His wife, Lauren, is Kidney Transplant Nurse at Columbia New York Presbyterian Hospital. They reside in Manhattan, NY with their chihuahua/papillon, Irene. In his free time, Samim enjoys travelling, mountain climbing, opera and art.