Cynthia Spiece

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Cynthia Spiece is an Intuitive Reader and Coach, Medium, and Quantum Energy Practitioner with over 35 years experience in the world of metaphysics.

As a young girl, Cynthia became aware that she would know things that she had no rational way of knowing. While practicing her gift for many years on friends, co-workers and family while also working in the fashion and design industry, she decided 15 years ago to make it her full-time occupation. She is a certified Reiki Teacher and Master, as well as, a Certified Life Coach. She is based in Los Angeles, California.

Cynthia psychically reads and works with her clients Energy Frequencies and Bodies and the stories they tell and offers them insight and clarity into their issues of concern related to all aspects of their life, personal and business. She offers her coaching clients transformational tools and practices that aid them in raising their energetic vibration in order to attract to themselves a life matching the one they imagine themselves living. She is also a medium and channel whereby she has the ability connect her clients with loved ones who have crossed over in order to bring understanding and closure. 

Although much of her work is done one-on-one via telephone, she also offers in-person and video chat sessions. Her past workshops have included Living Intuitively, Empower Yourself as an Empath, Deepen Your Intuition, Dreamweaver,  Raise Your Vibes, and Ask, Believe, Receive. 

Cynthia's business, Re-Imagine That!, is named after her intent that we deepen our understanding of the Quantum World we live in. She has come to learn through experience the power of our thoughts, words and deeds. It's become apparent in her work over the years that the vibrational frequency of our FOCUS produces the vibrational equivalency in all matters. 

“My work is more than just a intuitive reading, although that helps give my clients clarity, “ she says. “It goes beyond—it’s about seeing the invisible and believing in the impossible. It is now imperative that we RE-IMAGINE our current creations, thereby creating more peace, presence and non-egoic power in our lives which will in turn manifest into the world.“

Cynthia spends most of her spare time between Los Angeles and Phoenix with her son and daughter’s families, enjoying time with her four grandchildren.  Her hobbies are writing, painting, designing, meditating and yoga.