Amy Dubin




Amy Dubin started her career as a video editor for a NYC-based advertising agency in 1996 after earning her B.A. in Cinema and Photography from The Ohio State University. Her 5 weeks in India with a college friend in 1999 sparked a fascination with tea, which continues to this day. 

She formally established Janam Tea, a company that specializes in premium, single-estate Indian teas in 2004 after a 6-month intensive self-guided study of Indian tea in 2002. 

In November 2016, she opened Janam Tea at Garfunkel’s, the only tea room in the nation focusing only on premium, single-origin Indian teas. She is notably the first American in history to be invited as a guest of the Indian government to represent Indian tea to an international audience at the IndusFood II trade show in New Delhi in 2019. 

Her interests include fine dining, art, fashion (particularly menswear), history, design and dumplings. She lives in New York City.