“the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.

"the oneness of man and nature"

The Global Oneness Project was launched in 2019 when Tess Gonnella was inspired to create a community that cultivates the idea of oneness across all of humankind. In the age of digital and social media we are now powerfully connected to each other all around the world. The idea of “oneness” becomes more and more important due to our intimate connection to one another. Social responsibility to self, community, and global society has become imperative in this modern time.

Combining innovative ideas with creative thinking and bold actions, our project is designed to inspire people to believe that change is possible across cultures and promote peace. We’re cultivating conversations around peaceful communication in our global environment and now “digital” environment.

In this movement, we seek to break down walls and boundaries and unite human beings with the power of digital media. Join us in discussing the power of how we can create big change in the world.